Practice Values

Customer Service

Caring for and needs of the patients of CMC is our highest priority.

Trust and Respect

Our relationships are built on the highest level of trust and respect.

  •     The interactions of doctors and staff demonstrates trust and respect.
  •     Respect is shown to all patients. All patients are treated as VIPs.
  •     Respect is granted to any person who enters CMC including patients, doctors and staff.

Mutual Support & Personal Growth

This is an environment where everyone is encouraged and supported to grow both professionally and personally.

  •     We are committed to each other's personal wellbeing.
  •     Caring for all people including ourselves.
  •     Encouraging each other professionally and personally.


Our relationships within the practice and with patients are open and honest.

  •     We deal with problems and complaints in a transparent manner.
  •     We demonstrate integrity in our relationships.
  •     We deal open and honestly with poor performance, conflicts and disagreements.


We are able to achieve much more by working together.

  •     Everyone has a role and is expected to perform it to the best of their ability.
  •     Effective communication is essential.
  •     Giving extra above your role is expected.
  •     Helping each other and making sacrifices.


This is an environment where people feel physically and emotionally safe.

  •     Tenure in the practice is secured by adhering to these values.
  •     Personal security is strongly protected.


Having FUN is very important to the health and wellbeing of this family environment.

  •     Humour is encouraged and smiles are precious.
  •     Even corny jokes are acceptable.
  •     Children are welcomed and appreciated.