Mental Health Services

Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clare Medical Centre have two qualified Mental Health Nurses who work in conjuntion with our Doctor's.

Patients who see a Mental Health Nurse do not get charged for the service, but must be referred by their Doctor from Clare Medical Centre.

We have a number of Visiting Specialists each month, with Dr Rene Pols (Adult Psychiatrist), Dr Sally Tregenza (Child Psychiatrist) and Josh Steicke (Social Worker).

Other services available are; Lennon Street Mental Health Team, Redcross Volunteers and Country and Outback Health. Please see your Doctor for more information.

Lifeline is availabe 24/7 by phone: 13 11 14

We have compiled a list of approved websites below for your information.

Mind Health Connect


Suicide Call Back              

Beyond Blue for Kids    




Mens Health     



Elderly / Veteran Affairs

Seniors Health                

At Ease  (For DVA patients - Veteran Affairs)